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Vintage Jewelry for Sale in Olympia, WA

Update your home with a blast from the past that we guarantee no one else will be able to recreate. Here at The Wiggle Room, we sell vintage jewelry, furniture, and home decor, giving you access to one-of-a-kind pieces right here in Olympia, WA.

● Stunning Vintage Jewelry

● We Buy Your Stuff 

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Wide Range of Unique Items

In addition to sterling vintage custom and gold jewelry, enjoy browsing a large selection of vintage goodies. We have so many fun finds, you never know what you're going to stumble upon here at The Wiggle Room. Whether you’re looking for a new painting to serve as the statement piece in your living room or want to find the perfect gift from someone you love or yourself? we’ll help you find the items you crave.

If We Like It, We Might Just Buy It

Some of our incredible inventory comes from customers just like you. The best way for us to find treasures, like never before seen vintage jewelry, is to buy those items from customers wanting to give it a new home. From one home to another, these items get to live on forever. If you want us to purchase your items, give us a call to schedule an appointment to evaluate them.

Stop by the Store Today

Whatever it is you’re searching for, we’ll help you find it. Not looking for anything specific? That’s okay too! We’d love to open our doors to your browsing relaxation time. Let The Wiggle Room be your happy place. Stop in today to get your hands on our vintage jewelry and more, or send us an email to schedule an appointment.

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What We Sell

  • Wide Variety of Antique, Vintage and Sterling Gemstones Jewelry
  • Art
  • Eclectic Vintage Home Decor
  • Art Glass, Studio Pottery, and Sculptures
  • Crystals and Stones